Sellegance 1.4.3 (OpenCart)

Sellegance - Responsive and clean template for OpenCart

UPDATE Sellegance

This update is to fix the alignment issues when there are more than 12 items per page on category view. If your products don’t have alignment problems, you don’t need to update.
  • Fixed products alignment of category page
  • Fixed issues on Opera Mini
  • Minor CSS fixes

Sellegance 1.4.3 for OpenCart

Important changes to improve compatibility with other extensions have been made.

List of changes:

  • Added support for large desktop size (>1200px) Minimize the empty space on large screens with this option to enlarge your site. All the other resolutions (normal desktop, tablet, mobile) work as usual.
  • Added Camera slider script A new script for featured slideshow
  • Added controls for Slideshow speed Slide and transition speed can be controlled from the admin panel
  • Added related products module You can place it on the sidebar or bottom position
  • Added more font options Now it’s possible to select the font size and preview the changes!
  • Added option to display 3 or 4 products on each row 
  • Added option to change from tabs to accordion on product page For a more compact appearance you can choose accordion, this will help on mobiles too
  • Added more controls for product image zoom Select position right or inside (always inside on mobiles)
  • Added field to embed custom JavaScript code Helpful for some users who need to add 3rd party scripts, like a cookie policy acceptance
  • Added option to display a select box menu on mobiles Select between the original Boostrap mobile menu or a select box if you have dozens of menus
  • Added Instagram profile icon A new must have
  • Payment methods templates removed to use the default ones This will make updates easier (more details below)
  • Bootstrap Framework updated to 2.2.1
  • Subcategory thumbnails vqmod move to Additional Extensions Many people don’t like them by default, just copy the extension to vqmod/xml if you need it
  • Fixed problem with vertical scroll on carousels Previously, on mobiles it was difficult to scroll page if you touch over the carousels. Fixed
  • Hide Wishlist and Compare options on the admin panel instead of vqmod An easier CSS solution
  • Updated classes for buttons (.btn to .button) to improve compatibility with some extensions Buttons from additional extension will be displayed with the same design
  • CSS fixes
  1. Get the new files from your account on Themeforest
  2. Important Delete catalog/view/theme/sellegance/template/payment folder
  3. If you are using bootstrap pagination, remove wishlist and remove comparison extensions delete those files from vqmod/xml
  4. Upload the new files overwriting the old ones
  5. Go to Sellegance Theme Options module and save the new options
  6. Clear your vQmod cache (delete files in vqmod/vqcache)
  7. That’s it

The update process should be smooth but if get any issues contact me through my profile page on Themeforest.

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8 replies on “Sellegance 1.4.3 (OpenCart)”

    • Right now, sidebars can be used on left or right and they will have the same style.

      I will work on the option to use both sidebars in the same page to take advantage of the bigger layout available as an option >1200px. I’ll publish the update soon

      Many thanks for your suggestions.

  • I have my measurements set to display in ounces and inches, but after installing Sellegance, despite those settings still being the same, it displays everything in metric. How do I get it to switch?

    • Hi,

      If you are using the product_dimensions.xml vqmod you need to manuallly change the units in that file to ounces and inches. Find and change ‘ kg’ and ‘ cm’

  • Hi luis, after update now i get this modules error, and also the frontend is a bit messy. Any clue?

    the version showed is still the older (Theme Version: 1.3.9)

    tks in advance

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