Sellegance for OpenCart 1.4.0

Sellegance theme for OpenCart 1.4.0

New Sellegance for OpenCart 1.4.0

A new release with important changes:

  • Added option to enable/disable responsive layout
  • Added Nivo Slider
  • Added previous/next product (vQmod)
  • Added custom body classes for advanced customization (vQmod)
  • Added Facebook Like Button
  • Supports responsive videos
  • Moved Hide Wishlist and Comparison to vqmod
  • Moved Product Image Zoom to vqmod with performance improvements for thumbnails
  • Fixed missing language variable in guest checkout
  • Fixed Subcategory Thumbnails for compatiblity with other modules (vQmod)
  • Added more custom color options in the theme module
  • Minor CSS fixes
  • Updated documentation

How to update?

Remember that you need Vqmod installed.
  1. Reupload the files and make sure to save your settings in the Sellegance Theme Options module.
  2. Edit your Image Settings in System > Settings > your store > Image tab. Change Additional Product Image Size to 62×62.
    Additional Product Image Size
  3. If you are using the function to hide the wishlist and comparison links upload the files sellegance_remove_comparison.xml and sellegance_remove_wishlist.xml from the Additional Extensions folder to vqmod/xml on your server.
  4. Clear your vqmod cache.

Let me know your thoughts 🙂

If you have any issues contact me through my profile page on Themeforest.

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