Fortuna 1.2.1 (OpenCart)

Fortuna 1.2.1 for OpenCart

  • NEW Compatible with OpenCart
  • Updated Previous/Next Product extension. Now it will cycle on the same category
  • Fixed issues with grid view. On some configurations the boxed were overlapping, the problem is fixed now.
  • CSS fixes
  1. Get the new files from your account on Themeforest
  2. Important Delete catalog/view/theme/fortuna/template/payment folder
  3. If you are using bootstrap pagination, remove wishlist and remove comparison extensions (from older Sellegance versions) delete those files from vqmod/xml
  4. Upload the new files overwriting the old ones
  5. Go to Fortuna Theme Options module and save the new options
  6. Clear your vQmod cache (delete files in vqmod/vqcache)
  7. That’s it

The update process should be smooth but if get any issues contact me through my profile page on Themeforest.

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